Somebody hasn’t stopped running for prez…

Have Joe Biden and Barack Obama actually bothered talking to each other in the last couple of days?

In the space of 24 short hours, we’ve seen:

Caroline Kennedy’s BlackBerry must be smoking with hate email from the Obama campaign these days.  “Thanks a million for the yeoman vetting process, lady.”

It’s hardly unusual for running mates to disagree.  Eight years ago Joe Lieberman was forced to “evolve” his positions on a number of issues (affirmative action, the content of Hollywood output, etc.) in order to make sure he didn’t make things too difficult for Al Gore.  Much was made in 1980 of the differences between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush on supply-side economics (“voodoo economics,” according to Bush during the primaries).

John McCain and Sarah Palin are famously on opposite sides of the fence regarding drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an issue near and dear to the Alaska governor’s heart for years.  However, the difference between Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin is that with the latter, you get the clear impression that they have at least discussed the matter between them, even if they haven’t come to a meeting of minds yet.

Points of disagreement between Obama and Biden, on the other hand, always seem to come as a surprise to them both when asked about them by reporters or voters, and you’re invariably filled with dread at what the next conversation between the two of them is probably going to be like.

4 thoughts on “Somebody hasn’t stopped running for prez…

  1. laureng21

    I say, keep it up Obama/Biden. It’s only helping the McCain camp. It shows the lack of leadership Obama possesses and the nonsence that Biden can’t help himself but say.

    Your right, about the Mccain/Palin ticket disagreeing on ANWR but at least knowing what they disagree on, and agreeing to disagree, not contridict!

    McCain Palin 08.

  2. Charlie Post author

    @Police State: Even the worthy Seneca would likely have recommended that Obama and Biden make sure their respective repertoires of “useless things” might match or overlap somewhat.

    Thanks for visiting WitSnapper!

  3. Debbie B

    At least Palin and McCain will tell you they have differing opinions. I’m so sick of watching the news and anything the Republicans say is blasted. Why can’t we question anything about Obama. What a bunch of crap and tonight I’m punishing myself by watching the Rachel Maddow show and they’re saying Obama is not a socialist. Someone needs to tell these people what socialism is. and I’m not interested in participating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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