Daily Archives: September 27, 2008

Well, that was ad money well spent

OK…can somebody help me figure out how this latest Obama campaign ad hurts John McCain?

Far as I can see, this ad would be just as effective in turning out McCain voters as it would Obama voters.  The late-appearing caption in the faux-NBC newscast saying “Turnout Lower Than Expected” is easy to miss.  It’s really the only thing that could possibly puncture what amounts to a well-constructed simulation of a McCainiac’s heart’s dream.  The easier it is for McCain voters to visualize what this commerical depicts in painstaking detail, the more motivated they are to bring it to fruition.

Well done, Obama campaign.  Message received:  “McCain = Winner.”  Brilliant.


Woohoooo!  At some point following the debates (probably early this morning), my young blog experienced its 1,000th unique view!  It’s zoomed past 1,100 since then, as of this writing.

A few days ago my traffic skyrocketed when trackbacks related to the debate and the run-up thereto steered visitors from some of the heavy-hitting blogs over thisaway.  Thanks, trackbackers!