Photo Break: Gulf fritillary

It’s baaaaack! Photoblogging again, tho’ not yet returning to birdblogging; going to try my hand at bugblogging. Story behind the photo below the break.

Gulf fritillary, on thistle

Gulf fritillary, on thistle

This shot was taken at the Ding in Sanibel, on the ever-teeming Yellow Trail of the Bailey Tract.  It wasn’t really until I got my DSLR and more powerful lenses that I was able to count on capturing passable shots of small, elusive subjects like insects. Butterflies, especially, seem quite loath to allow me to get physically close enough for a good photo without the help of a lens of considerable magnifying power. Well, my arsenal has expanded, so taste my Zoom of Fury, bugs! Eat shutter! Hah!

It took me a while to find out what this butterfly was called, since I’m not an insect expert and haven’t spent nearly as much time observing bugs as I have birds. Fifteen or twenty minutes on Google helped me out. The Gulf fritillary’s little green buddy at the lower right is still a mystery to some degree, but for now I’m guessing an ordinary, run-of-the-mill greenbottle fly.

1 thought on “Photo Break: Gulf fritillary

  1. Life On The Edges

    Very nice! Next time you’re in Florida, if you get a chance, you could check out Butterfly World. Of course it won’t give you a chance to show off your superior lenses, but you’ll get lots of awesome butterfly photos out of it. I spent a great half a day there at the end of last year.

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