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Plenty of indictments to go around

Well, isn’t this precious?

Now each presidential ticket has a high statewide elected official associated with it who’s facing corruption charges!

On the Republican side, we have Senator Ted Stevens, from Governor Sarah Palin’s home state of Alaska.  Recently indicted on charges of lying about hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of construction work on his home, courtesy of oil corporation VECO.  Sen. Stevens was most recently in the news for asking a federal judge if he could be excused from his own freakin’ trial, for the sake of going to Washington so he could be in on the negotiations over the bailout deal.

But Stevens is old news.

Now, on the Democratic side, we have Governor Rod Blagojevich of Senator Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois.  Federal agents now have enough evidence to indict the governor on fraud and conspiracy charges; they await the decision from the U.S. Attorney as to whether to convene a grand jury.  An added twist:  Blagojevich is mentioned as the “intended beneficiary” of an extortion attempt by none other than everyone’s favorite convicted felon, Tony Rezko!  Yup, that’s just what Sen. Obama needs right now…more Rezko news.

Politicians under indictment are such a prized news commodity…so nice to find there’s enough to go around.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when parties can share.

<end snark>

Photo Break update

I’ll probably be slowing the pace of posting wildlife photos a little bit.  At this rate, I’ll plow through my reserves awfully soon, faster than I’m adding to them…not tomorrow, not next week, but soon, especially once winter arrives.

Instead of one a day, I’ll probably be posting a wildlife photo every two or three days, tops.  If my output picks up, so will my photo posting, at least temporarily.


Oh, dear.

A grand financial summit at the White House just concluded.  Participants included President Bush, presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama, and members of the respective party leaderships from both houses of Congress.

It did not go well. (Link via Hot Air; see update.)

Blame is flying, with everyone alleging that the other guy never intended to negotiate in any semblance of good faith.  If this is the shape negotiations are in come 9:30 tomorrow morning, look for the market to take a nosedive.

Finally: Murtha accountable? UPDATE: America’s newest “ex-Marine” UPDATE II: Russell Brigade

Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA) may experience a brief, long-overdue spasm of accountability.

During a press conference in 2006, Rep. Murtha accused eight U.S. Marines of murder committed during a firefight in Haditha following an IED explosion.  No trials or even official investigation had yet taken place; Murtha drew his conclusions in part from a sensational article in TIME magazine:

“[T]here was no firefight, there was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood.”

More than two years later, however, Murtha’s mouth may be catching up with him.  Now that nearly all of the accused Marines have been either granted dismissals or acquitted, one of the exonerated Marines, LCpl. Justin Sharratt, has filed suit against Murtha for slander, and the suit is going forward.

Details below the break.

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Bad senator! Bad! No earmark for you!

Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) office is reporting that following major capitulation by Democrats on the bans on exploration and drilling for offshore oil and oil shale, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is attempting to slip a new ban on oil shale unseen into the financial bailout deal bill.  Sounds familiar; if you can’t win in public, sneak it into a completely unrelated bill when nobody’s paying attention.

Americans for Prosperity has a response up.

Here’s an idea, Sen. Reid…along with that stealth ban, why not slip in your own bank account number so we can recoup the extra money we’ll be paying for gas in the absence of the 800 billion to 2 trillion barrels of oil we won’t be able to get anywhere near?

(Via MalkinHot Air has more links.)

UPDATE: As commenter jonolan remarks, at least now we know one reason Sen. Reid was so hasty to wave McCain away from Washington this week.

Deal Update: Agreement in principle?

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), last seen just yesterday thundering in Banking Committee hearings that there was no way Congress would come to terms with the White House and Cabinet on a bailout plan for Wall Street (“What they have sent to us, this is not acceptable!”), just executed an impressive about-face.

Sen. Dodd just announced that Democrats and Republicans in Congress had reached an “agreement in principle” on a bill to pass in the House and Senate and send to the President to sign.  Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) commented that “there really isn’t much of a deadlock to break.”

What a difference a day makes.  Hot Air has more.

My own input below the break.

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Bill Clinton defends McCain; Reid bites himself

John McCain and Barack Obama are digging in their heels.  McCain is still saying holding the debate as planned is a bad idea before a bailout deal is struck; Obama is still saying that postponing it is a bad idea regardless of the status of a deal.

The default position appears to be that the debate is still on, as the Commission on Presidential Debates hasn’t made any move to reschedule anything, and still plans to hold the debate on Friday.

In the meantime, former president Bill Clinton (of all people) is defending McCain’s proposal to postpone the debate, and pooh-poohing Democratic accusations that he’s trying to duck the debate altogether.  On the Hill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s finger-wagging at McCain over coming back to Washington for the deal negotiations runs counter to the effusive praise Reid lavished on Obama for doing the same thing two months ago.

Details, along with analysis of the evolving implications of the debate schedule, below the break.

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