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An undeniable sign of fall

This morning I engaged in a yearly ritual.  It’s one I’ve inaugurated as an annual rite of passage, to herald the arrival of my favorite season.

I turned off my Vornado fans today, to honor the onset of fall.

My apartment is so much quieter now…sshhhhhh…

Even these clouds have a silver lining

Post-Ike Texas

Post-Ike Texas

The news today has been overwhelmed by stories about the awful aftermath of Hurricane Ike in the Gulf Coast area, especially East Texas.  Search-and-rescue teams have been on 24-hour duty, despite no knowledge of how many are in need of them (or how many luckless others are beyond their help, subject only to search-and-recover efforts).

Millions are without power or potable water; restoring them could take as long as a month in some places, according to Bloomberg.com.  Eight American deaths have been confirmed attributable to Ike (five in TX, two in LA, one in AR).  A curfew has been imposed by local police in Houston to keep people off the streets at night.

However, the news is not all horrible.

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