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ACORN in North Carolina next target

North Carolina has become the 14th state to see its ACORN contingent come under investigation for fraudulent registration practices.

Election officials in Durham and Wake Counties have red-flagged registration forms that “may have been copied from phone books.”

So which state will be No. 15?  I’m taking bets.

(Bets are disallowed on Florida, which is already under investigation.  The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that someone has registered there, with ACORN’s stamp, under the name “Mickey Mouse.”)

ACORN earthquake spreads to Indiana

Ace of Spades and Allahpundit note that the Lake County, IN Board of Elections is sifting through 5,000 registration cards turned in by ACORN.  They’ve counted 2,100 of them so far, and every single one of those 2,100 is believed fake.  Every one.

It’s gotten so bad that the Board decided to halt the review of the ACORN submissions completely, set them aside for later, and move on to other, apparently legitimate registrants, calling the remaining ACORN submissions the “fake pile.”

This Lake County fiasco follows close on the heels of another Indiana registration sideshow, in which the number of registrations in Indianapolis totaled 105% of the total eligible voting population.

ACORN in Indiana has already been under investigation for some time; they’re just the latest ones in the spotlight.

ACORN hearings begin in Ohio

It’s on the official record now:  sworn testimony confirming shady tactics by ACORN workers to gather what they knew were bogus and illegal additions to their voter rolls.  Local news video via Allahpundit.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know who that woman was who tried to talk to the witnesses before they could testify (she was booted from the proceedings when she wouldn’t relent).  Wouldn’t most people call that witness tampering?

Plus, an excellent article by Jim Hoft at PajamasMedia with a timeline and blueprint of known ACORN fraud tactics.

Federal judge: Ohio SecState breaking the law by enabling ACORN

In the second ruling against her in as many weeks, Ohio State Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has been found in violation of federal election laws by a federal judge.  Sec. Brunner neglected to “take adequate steps to validate the identity [sic] of newly registered voters.”  The ruling stems from complaints about the Secretary’s program allowing people to register and vote at the same time, without waiting for the registration to be verified.

The nut of the complaints, of course, was that the lack of oversight in the registration/voting program left the door wide open for voter fraud.  At the front of the complainants’ minds was ACORN, the community organizing umbrella group with a long, documented history of unethical or criminal voter registration practices continuing into the present day, which is known to have deployed an enormous number of its troops to Ohio.  (As noted earlier, Ohio is one of the states of interest to the FBI in their probe of ACORN’s activities.)

Details below the break.

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ACORN raid marks wider fraud probe

The FBI’s raids of the Nevada offices of ACORN are the latest manifestation in the 10-state official investigation of fraudulent voter registration practices by the “community organizing” outfit.  This development could prove embarrassing for the Obama campaign: not only have they paid ACORN $800,000 this election season for their questionable get-out-the-vote services, but Sen. Obama himself has a long history with the group.

This history starts with their recruitment of him in 1992 to run the Chicago branch of their political arm, Vote Smart, and continues with their employment of his wife’s law firm to represent them in an embezzlement case, to his suing the state of Illinois on their behalf to implement their pet “moter voter” law (also a magnet for voter fraud).  His association with them culminates in their vocal endorsement of him for president this year, an odd move for an organization that is supposed to be non-partisan.

According to Investors’ Business Daily (via Hot Air), “Obama downplays his ties to ACORN, and his campaign denies coordinating with ACORN to register voters.”

Further details of the FBI probe, ACORN’s checkered past, Obama’s connection to them, and the implications for the McCain campaign below the break.

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