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Photo Break: Hopie

Still sticking to my “not birdblogging every day” oath, so I’m going with kidblogging now.  (Kind of like an alcoholic saying “oh come on, this is just light beer.”)  Story behind the photo below the break.



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Thar’s Aztec gold beyond them shoals, Cap’n! Avast! Hard to port! Yarrrrr!!

It’s September 19, and that’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  My elder niece is a devoted voluptuary of Johnny Depp, dating back to the day she first laid wide blue eyes on Captain Jack Sparrow.  Ergo, it’s my sworn avuncular duty (read my contract) to rally to her side and promote the cause of pirate appreciation.


Hide the rum.

"Hide the rum."

UPDATE: No one should ever need ask where I stand on the question of Pirate vs. Ninja supremacy.  Sure, a ninja might win a fight with a pirate through superior dexterity with some weapons that you’d never see a pirate using, but there’s still no question as to which of the two I’d rather be.  Yarrrrr!!

UPDATE II: OK, the exclamation “Yarrrrr!!” in this post was originally “Arrrrrrgh!!”  However, Cap’n Slappy, the founder of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, advises against this practice, as the latter is more a cry of pain than an expression of “Pirattitude” (Slappy’s word).  This and more useful information courtesy of ITLAPD’s FAQ sheet.