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Which Bush Doctrine would that be, Charlie?

According to the man who first identified the Bush Doctrine, it appears that despite the impression you may have have drawn from ABC’s Charlie Gibson interview with Sarah Palin, apparently the Governor is more in touch with the definition of the term than Gibson is.  Moreover, her request that Gibson make his question about the Bush Doctrine more specific was entirely apt, in that the Bush Doctrine has gone through no fewer than four incarnations.

For those who didn’t see it, Gibson first refused to specify what he meant by the Bush Doctrine, then when Palin began to answer, Gibson “corrected” her and identified the Bush Doctrine as an asserted right to pre-emptive military self-defense.  The above article skewers that definition as woefully outdated and insufficient.

UPDATE: Wow, I’m just dizzy.  Michelle Malkin cribbed my title.  And after only two or three days live.  (She could at least have thrown me a trackback.)

UPDATE II: Apologies to Ms. Malkin.  My stats have alerted me to a trackback listing on MichelleMalkin.com.  (I still came up with the title first, tho’. :::snicker!:::)