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Barbarians (AKA readers) at the gate

And here I thought this might actually go away.

The Obama-Khalidi tape, still in Los Angeles Times captivity, is drawing considerably more attention than the Times expected. The newspaper’s headquarters was confronted by a large crowd of Americans under the foolish, provincial impression that a videotape of a presidential candidate giving tacit approval to hours of Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing, and actively toasting its star purveyor, might actually be newsworthy, or at least that it might not be appropriate to stiffarm the thousands of people demanding that the videotape’s contents be released.

(Video courtesy of Mere Rhetoric, which has photos and more video at the link. More reaction here and here.)

So far, the reasons given by the Times for not releasing the tape (which was used as source material for a Times story by Peter Wallsten on Obama support among Palestinians), in chronological order over the course of the last five days, are:

  1. In a conversation between and Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Wallsten: “When I asked him about the video he said that as far as he was concerned he was through with the story.”
  2. Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs got an email from the readers’ rep saying their reporting should be good enough: “The Times did write about the tape, so I’m not sure what you mean about suppressing the video or information from the video. Here is a copy of the report about the video.”
  3. Johnson blogged that Fox News’s Brit Hume asked the Times for their side of the story, to which they replied, “No comment.”
  4. The Times said in a statement replying to accusations from the McCain campaign: ““The Los Angeles Times did not publish the videotape because it was provided to us by a confidential source who did so on the condition that we not release it…The Times keeps its promises to sources.”
  5. Most recently, the Times expanded on that last one by telling an emailer the source might come to harm if the tape were released: “The reporter agreed with his source not to release the tape in return for getting acess to it…To break that agreement might put the source of the tape in jeopardy.”

So what do you think? Which one’s the truth, if any?

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has Fox News video of Khalidi hiding from cameras and siccing security on the crew.

UPDATE II: Andrew McCarthy has an excellent rundown of the situation, explaining in great detail why the Times’s high-minded “journalistic ethics” blather isn’t worth the time wasted reading it.

UPDATE III: Jennifer Rubin at Pajamas Media has a link to a Khalidi lecture. Read the article and check the video…not a pretty picture.

Sadistic Butchers for Hope and Change ’08 UPDATE: Police pronounce story Tawana 2.0

Police say a college student and McCain volunteer in Pittsburgh was mugged and mutilated by a man who, upon seeing a McCain sticker on her car, took out a knife and carved a “B” in her face.

Police spokeswoman Diane Richard said the robber took $60 from Todd, then became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim’s car. The attacker then punched and kicked the victim, before using the knife to scratch the letter “B” into her face, Richard said.

Further details here, here, and here.

Says Instapundit:

This is so serious that I predict it will get almost one-tenth as much national coverage as something some guy may have yelled at a Palin rally once.

I dunno. There are some weird things about the “B” on her cheek (see the photo here, provided by the alleged victim). This looks more like an attack from a scratcher than a slasher. And why is it backwards? Isn’t that what a careless mirror job would look like? I’m detecting shades of Tawana Brawley. I will most certainly feel worse than horrible for writing this paragraph if this turns out to be a legit attack, but I can’t quite get past that photo.

UPDATE: Ace of Spades and Miz Michelle appear to share my discomfort, though Ace notes the unlikelihood of giving oneself a black eye.

UPDATE II: Police plan to administer a polygraph, says Captain Ed. Apparently there are some things about her story that don’t jibe with the ATM camera footage. For now, say police, they are treating it as a “credible report;” we’ll see if she consents to the polygraph, and if so, how she does.

UPDATE III: Fox News has just announced on the air that local police have decided the woman, Ashley Todd, made the whole thing up. My thanks to the Bloomfield Police Department for sparing me some major league guilt for my aforementioned skepticism.

UPDATE IV: We have a confession, and a perp walk for filing a false report. (H/T Hot Air.) Apparently this volunteer has a history of mental problems, and (natch) she’s upset with the media for hyping the whole thing.

Theft for food? Sounds like a U.N. program.

A pizzeria in Michigan is offering free pizza for McCain-Palin lawn signs, leading to a rash of thefts from front lawns by kids jonesing for a slice. (Link to video via Miz Michelle.)

The owner of Salvatore’s Pizzeria, a button-wearing Obama voluptuary who says “health care is killing us,” is slamming John McCain for pulling advertising and rally assets out of Michigan.  In that spirit, she’s cooked up a promo stunt in which people can bring in their McCain-Palin lawn signs to exchange for free pizza, since obviously they won’t need the signs now that McCain has “given up on” them.

Of course, the inevitable has followed close on.  Lawn signs are disappearing fast from lawns whose owners, wonder of wonders, would rather keep them there than trade them for greasy pizza from some self-important, spiteful shrew with a political axe to grind.  At least one teenager has been caught in the act of making off with the things, and he has cited the free-pizza promo to police as his motive.  Meanwhile, the folks at Salvatore’s says they’ve been collecting as many as 30 signs a day since McCain pulled advertising from Michigan (about two weeks ago), which amounts to hundreds of freebies in the last couple of weeks.  (Hell, if she thinks health care is killing her, I imagine she’ll love seeing what this promo is doing for her business costs.)

Does the owner of Salvatore’s really think she bears no responsibility for the string of thefts?  Did she honestly believe that it wouldn’t be an inevitable side-effect of the promo?  More interestingly, how many people does she think she’s fooling with her contention that she bears no blame, given that she certainly never explicitly instructed anyone to steal signs?

Pulling up the weeds in Virginia

The American News Project has caught a slice of McCainicana on camera, which it might behoove Colin Powell, Douglass Daniel, and others bent on finding anti-Muslim bigotry where none exists to watch. (Link via Hot Air).

The scene opens on a couple of cranks on the outskirts of a pro-McCain rally in Woodbridge, VA, who are hawking “Obama is a secret Muslim socialist” flyers and bumper stickers.  Their clever catchphrase is “Obama for CHANGE,” with the C replaced by an Islamic crescent and star and the G replaced by a hammer and sickle. Charming stuff.

The footage continues with a few clips of raving and ranting, before a couple of rally attendees start to amble over.  Not because they’re curious — certainly not because they sympathize — but because they can’t believe what they’re seeing.  They are all McCain supporters, they are all young, and many of them are Muslim (one is a Muslim convention delegate for McCain who chairs his Maryland operations).  All of them, regardless of faith, are determined to challenge the nutcases with the mad-on for Islam.

Fairly soon it dawns on the cranks that the ralliers will no longer content themselves with ignoring the rotten apples in the barrel.  They stop waving their bumper stickers, clam up in front of cameras, refuse to talk to reporters, avoid their challengers, and eventually slink off with their tails between their legs.  Best parting line, called after them as they retreated:  “Are you deliberately trying to lose us this election?”

Upon their departure, there was much rejoicing indeed.  Congratulations, guys, you’ve just made the political world a little cleaner, at least for a while.  Keep it up, because there are people like them, from both wings of the ideological spectrum, who will try to leech off your candidate’s success and high profile.  In the meantime, have a well-deserved round of applause.

Secretary Powell?  Mr. Daniel?  Are you listening?  Will you bother?

(Need I say, “watch the whole thing”?)

Sarah Palin is a… WHAT??

“Civil rights icon” Rep. John Lewis made news recently by drawing a parallel between John McCain and segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace.  Sen. McCain was understandably gobsmacked, and Lewis subsequently (and unconvincingly) backtracked in the face of anti-race-baiting backlash, but Lewis’s point was that the tone of McCain’s and Sarah Palin’s recent campaign rhetoric was “sowing the seeds of hatred and division,” and that McCain and Palin were “playing with fire” and “playing a dangerous game.”

Want to see a “dangerous game” played with “hatred and division?”  Check below the break.

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McCain-Palin ralliers attacked in Manhattan

Video has gone viral around the Web of a September 21 McCain-Palin rally on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and Gateway Pundit has posted it.  The reaction from the local wildlife was predictable, though no less cringeworthy for it.

I’ve been in their position before myself, and in my case I was just covering the demonstration for a friend, not participating in it.  For my trouble, I came close more than once to getting the crap kicked out of me by indignant Manhattanites and other observers of the demonstration in question.

Gather round, my children, and I’ll tell you about it below the break.

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