Sharing toys vs. Redistributing them

As if it weren’t eye-popping enough for Joe Biden to get in Katie Couric’s face and insist that paying higher taxes is a “patriotic” act, now Barack Obama is taking that ball and running with it, equating opposition to redistributionism with “selfishness”:

John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic. You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness. You know, the next thing, the next thing I know they’re gonna, you know, find evidence of my communistic tendencies because I shared my toys when I was in kindergarten.

If I’ve said this before, I’ve said it a thousand times: there is nothing selfish or inhumane about opposition to higher taxes and government-mandated wealth redistribution, especially given the history of both. Sen. Obama is a contemptible demagogue for trying to pass off this doctrinaire statism as virtuous in comparison.

Explanation, including a more apt vision of little Barack in kindergarten sharing his (and other people’s) toys, below the break.

For this philosophical sieve to hold any water, you must first accept as a premise that everything you earn is rightfully the state’s to begin with, and everything you take home in the form of a paycheck is what the state deigns to let you keep. This same reasoning is what leads so many Democrats to refer to tax cuts as government “spending” to be paid for elsewhere; it never occurs to them that failing to collect a dollar in taxes does not equal a one-dollar expenditure.

Aside from the scurrilous “selfishness” charge, the “shared my toys” metaphor is even more telling. It demonstrates Obama’s inability to distinguish (or willingness to obscure) the crucial difference between voluntary sharing and forced seizure and reassignment.

First of all, it’s important to stress that Obama does not intend to cut taxes. He will collect every bit as much in taxes, if not more, and then start cutting government checks and send them to the Obama Anointed among us, in the form of “refundable tax breaks.” Those are not tax cuts, Senator. Tax cuts happen when you levy fewer taxes, not when you take someone’s money by force and give it to someone else according to a byzantine, senseless, and impossibly long code of regulations and exemptions.

Drawing a parallel between Obama’s fake “tax cuts” and kindergarten toy “sharing” would be far more aptly done when illustrated as follows:

Picture little Barack in kindergarten. Now, instead of picturing him noticing a friend with no toy and kindly handing him one of his own, try this. Picture little Barack seizing every toy in the room (under the teacher’s authority), and handing them out himself, regardless of whether the toy assignment makes any sense:

“…and Robbie, you get the Raggedy Ann doll because your initials are also R.A., so you match…and Keisha, you get the Bratz dolls’ purses because you qualify for the accessories credit…and Susie, you get the Army helicopter because I’m out of Raggedy Ann dolls…and Jeremy and Britney, all I’ve got left is a ball-and-paddle game, so I’m going to break the ball off: Jeremy gets the ball, Britney gets the paddle and string. That way everybody gets something.”

Meanwhile, off in the corner, little Joey W. from across town, who didn’t know he had to give little Barack the cupcakes from his lunch as part of an “understanding” before the toy seizure, is looking for his cell phone to call home…he has to ask his mom to bring in some of his own toys so he can hand over what he now owes Barack.

Little Barack has a big smile on his face; his mother taught him not to be selfish.

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