Photo Break: Common moorhen

And back to birdblogging! In honor of the election season, denizens of the fetid swamps might be the appropriate theme of the day. Have a marsh bird, then!  Story behind the photo below the break.

Common moorhen

Common moorhen

There’s a supermarket and small movie theater across the street from the edge of the Ding, with a swampy, marshy area behind it. Box turtles and anoles abound, and many birds make the short flight over the street to join them and grab a bite from the shallows. Moorhens are frequent visitors.

This one was agitated for some reason, because he was making a lot of noise. I had to struggle not to laugh out loud and scare him away, because moorhens have a voice that is ridiculously comical…imagine a bird that sounds like a pair of clown shoes. However, while they sound goofy, I’ve always loved the way they look; there’s something vaguely chivalric about that showy face shield extending back from the bill, no?

A related bird, the purple gallinule, is something I see at Corkscrew all the time; a picture of one of those will be forthcoming soon.


3 thoughts on “Photo Break: Common moorhen

  1. Charlie Post author

    LOL! Naaah, you’re not a denizen, just a visitor.

    I hear you on the herons, though I’d say their voices are more cringe-inducing than comical. Croaking and rasping like bullfrogs…if I close my eyes and listen, I can barely believe I’m hearing actual birds.

  2. Life On The Edges

    All I can do is marvel at how beautiful and graceful and dignified they look standing there before they see you, and how clumsy and ridiculous they look and sound as they’re trying to get airborne after they see you.

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