Photo Break: Green anole

Herpetoblogging: it’s what’s for dinner.  Story behind the photo below the break.

Green anole

Green anole

This is a shot from very early on in my digital photography phase, taken at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  As I said in my earlier lizardblog piece, anoles are everywhere to be seen in that part of the country, especially on a boardwalk winding through a wildlife refuge.  This one was making his way across the boardwalk right under the noses of three or four other people standing in a group, when he froze about halfway across.

When I spotted him, I piped up in a (fairly urgent) whisper and asked the people gathered above him if they wouldn’t mind not moving for just a moment.  Kind folks that they were, they obliged, as I squatted down slowly to get my camera down to boardwalk level in order to get a good shot of him.  (When they realized what I was making a big fuss about, they ooohed and aaahed at the neat little animal at their feet).  I was quite taken myself with the sunlight filtering down through the cypress canopy for a nice stippled effect.  When I was done, I straightened back up, thanked them profusely, and showed them the photos on my digicam’s display screen.  We were all thrilled.

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