Howard Stern analyzes Obama support

This is just way too funny.  Many thanks to Instapundit and Hot Air for posting the link.

Howard Stern’s staff went out to do some man-on-the-street interviews of Obama supporters, to ask them exactly what it was that won them over about him.  However, as you might expect from Stern, there was a prank twist:  the interviewees who supported Obama were absolutely unfazed when told that Obama espoused issue positions long attributed to McCain, and antithetical to Obama.  The result is an absolute laugh riot, and I guarantee you will not regret hitting that Play button:

They could have been told Obama began each day with a three-kitten omelet and a blood sacrifice to Tom Cruise, and it would have made no difference.  They were so unshakeable in their devotion that they would effectively vote Republican if it meant declaring support for Obama.  Thank you so much, Howard, for your dose of absurdity.

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