Foley successor Mahoney continues tradition

“Faith and Family” candidate-turned-congressman Tim Mahoney (D-FL) has taken his predecessor’s sex-scandal inclination and transformed it into a tradition.

Mahoney is the man who was elected to replace Rep. Mark Foley in 2006, who had resigned in disgrace after a scandal arose over some exceedingly creepy text messages he sent to some underage congressional pages.  Now it turns out Mahoney has become mired in a sex scandal of his own, in the form of money paid to a former staffer to shut her up about the affair they had had (which ended after the staffer found out about the other affairs Mahoney was having).

I have to give the Link of Honor to Gateway Pundit on this one, as he was on the scent of this story a month ago. He posted a link to a cached version of a local West Palm Beach area online newspaper article about Mahoney, attached to which was a reader comment alluding to the affair and the hush money.  I didn’t link to it, as I thought the lead was too tenuous (the comment had no source, no link, and no name to the user).  However, DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen says himself that he took notice when the post went up, and as GP notes, it’s just not possible that Speaker Pelosi or Caucus Chair Rahm Emmanuel heard nothing about it from van Hollen until the story broke yesterday in the press (their claims to the contrary notwithstanding).  Hot Air has more.

Those who know me are well acquainted with my taste for irony.  In this case, if irony were Snickers bars, this story would leave me lying on the floor in a diabetic coma with my teeth rotting out of my head right now.


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