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ACORN in Ohio: “RICORN?”

A civil RICO suit has been filed against ACORN in Ohio.

Columbus-based think tank The Buckeye Institute has filed suit in Warren County’s Court of Common Pleas.  The suit is brought on behalf of two voters claiming that ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration methods have a diluting effect on their votes and those of others, and that the signature-collection methods are set up in such a way that fits the legal definition of a corrupt organization under the RICO statute.  Here is the full complaint.

My guess?  This suit represents the first crack in the dam.  It won’t be the last complaint of its kind; it will spread to other counties and states, and the legal mud-wrestling will last long after the election.

Incidentally, on the top page of the complaint you might notice that ACORN is named as codefendant with Project Vote, the political arm of ACORN which Barack Obama ran while a practicing attorney.  But don’t let anybody ever tell you that Obama has any direct connection to ACORN or its voter registration tactics…Fight the Smears!

“I’m not a socialist, but I talk like one on TV”

Redistribution of wealth through taxation of the top earners and handouts to the bottom is a hallmark of socialist economic theory.  So why does Barack Obama and his surrogates chafe so mightily when the word “socialism” comes up, especially when Obama takes exactly that stance on the campaign trail?

Witness this encounter with a plumber who would see his taxes go up under an Obama administration:

In case you missed it, here’s the transcript:

Unnamed Plumber: “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more. Isn’t it?”

Obama: “It’s not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

No, Sen. Obama doesn’t want to punish anybody’s success.  All he’s going to do is confiscate the fruits of that success through taxation, and hand them out to those who either didn’t succeed or didn’t even try.  In modern political parlance, we call that “welfare.”  In classical economic theory, we call it “socialism.”

Either way, it’s tough to dress up Obama’s tax plan as anything other than “socialism,” whether you call it “spreading the wealth around” or not.  Maybe that’s why the word “socialism” gets so many goats in the Obama camp.

Instapundit, Miz Michelle, and Power Line have more.

UPDATE: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Earned”… it’s the rich creamy goodness of WealthSpread! (H/T People’s Cube.)

UPDATE II: The plumber is no longer “Unnamed Plumber.” His name is Joe Wurzelbacher, he was just interviewed on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World,” and he was plenty unsettled by his conversation with Sen. Obama.  (Yes, he dejectedly used the “S” word as well.)

ACORN in North Carolina next target

North Carolina has become the 14th state to see its ACORN contingent come under investigation for fraudulent registration practices.

Election officials in Durham and Wake Counties have red-flagged registration forms that “may have been copied from phone books.”

So which state will be No. 15?  I’m taking bets.

(Bets are disallowed on Florida, which is already under investigation.  The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that someone has registered there, with ACORN’s stamp, under the name “Mickey Mouse.”)

ACORN earthquake spreads to Indiana

Ace of Spades and Allahpundit note that the Lake County, IN Board of Elections is sifting through 5,000 registration cards turned in by ACORN.  They’ve counted 2,100 of them so far, and every single one of those 2,100 is believed fake.  Every one.

It’s gotten so bad that the Board decided to halt the review of the ACORN submissions completely, set them aside for later, and move on to other, apparently legitimate registrants, calling the remaining ACORN submissions the “fake pile.”

This Lake County fiasco follows close on the heels of another Indiana registration sideshow, in which the number of registrations in Indianapolis totaled 105% of the total eligible voting population.

ACORN in Indiana has already been under investigation for some time; they’re just the latest ones in the spotlight.

ACORN hearings begin in Ohio

It’s on the official record now:  sworn testimony confirming shady tactics by ACORN workers to gather what they knew were bogus and illegal additions to their voter rolls.  Local news video via Allahpundit.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know who that woman was who tried to talk to the witnesses before they could testify (she was booted from the proceedings when she wouldn’t relent).  Wouldn’t most people call that witness tampering?

Plus, an excellent article by Jim Hoft at PajamasMedia with a timeline and blueprint of known ACORN fraud tactics.

Sarah Palin is a… WHAT??

“Civil rights icon” Rep. John Lewis made news recently by drawing a parallel between John McCain and segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace.  Sen. McCain was understandably gobsmacked, and Lewis subsequently (and unconvincingly) backtracked in the face of anti-race-baiting backlash, but Lewis’s point was that the tone of McCain’s and Sarah Palin’s recent campaign rhetoric was “sowing the seeds of hatred and division,” and that McCain and Palin were “playing with fire” and “playing a dangerous game.”

Want to see a “dangerous game” played with “hatred and division?”  Check below the break.

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Howard Stern analyzes Obama support

This is just way too funny.  Many thanks to Instapundit and Hot Air for posting the link.

Howard Stern’s staff went out to do some man-on-the-street interviews of Obama supporters, to ask them exactly what it was that won them over about him.  However, as you might expect from Stern, there was a prank twist:  the interviewees who supported Obama were absolutely unfazed when told that Obama espoused issue positions long attributed to McCain, and antithetical to Obama.  The result is an absolute laugh riot, and I guarantee you will not regret hitting that Play button:

They could have been told Obama began each day with a three-kitten omelet and a blood sacrifice to Tom Cruise, and it would have made no difference.  They were so unshakeable in their devotion that they would effectively vote Republican if it meant declaring support for Obama.  Thank you so much, Howard, for your dose of absurdity.

Foley successor Mahoney continues tradition

“Faith and Family” candidate-turned-congressman Tim Mahoney (D-FL) has taken his predecessor’s sex-scandal inclination and transformed it into a tradition.

Mahoney is the man who was elected to replace Rep. Mark Foley in 2006, who had resigned in disgrace after a scandal arose over some exceedingly creepy text messages he sent to some underage congressional pages.  Now it turns out Mahoney has become mired in a sex scandal of his own, in the form of money paid to a former staffer to shut her up about the affair they had had (which ended after the staffer found out about the other affairs Mahoney was having).

I have to give the Link of Honor to Gateway Pundit on this one, as he was on the scent of this story a month ago. He posted a link to a cached version of a local West Palm Beach area online newspaper article about Mahoney, attached to which was a reader comment alluding to the affair and the hush money.  I didn’t link to it, as I thought the lead was too tenuous (the comment had no source, no link, and no name to the user).  However, DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen says himself that he took notice when the post went up, and as GP notes, it’s just not possible that Speaker Pelosi or Caucus Chair Rahm Emmanuel heard nothing about it from van Hollen until the story broke yesterday in the press (their claims to the contrary notwithstanding).  Hot Air has more.

Those who know me are well acquainted with my taste for irony.  In this case, if irony were Snickers bars, this story would leave me lying on the floor in a diabetic coma with my teeth rotting out of my head right now.

McCain-Palin ralliers attacked in Manhattan

Video has gone viral around the Web of a September 21 McCain-Palin rally on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and Gateway Pundit has posted it.  The reaction from the local wildlife was predictable, though no less cringeworthy for it.

I’ve been in their position before myself, and in my case I was just covering the demonstration for a friend, not participating in it.  For my trouble, I came close more than once to getting the crap kicked out of me by indignant Manhattanites and other observers of the demonstration in question.

Gather round, my children, and I’ll tell you about it below the break.

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Biden Gaffe Watch: Whose administration?

Toby Harnden at the UK’s Daily Telegraph brings us the latest installment of the BGW, in which Joe Biden flips the ticket and sings the praises of what a “Biden Adminstration” would do.

Joe Biden is enjoying himself so much on the campaign trail that occasionally he gets to thinking he’s about to become president. “In a Biden…an Obama-Biden administration,” he said during an event at an American Legion hall here in Rochester, New Hampshire this morning, catching himself just in time.

“We know, we know,” he responded jovially as the crowd realised what he’d said. “It’s hard to get used to. We got his thing the right way.” He pointed at a group of men who were barracking him good-naturedly. “These are my old buddies over here from the shipyard.”

I’d treat this as a minor thing (he didn’t even get the whole phrase “Biden Administration” out before he caught himself after all), if this weren’t the second time in six weeks that he’d committed this gaffe:

Last month at an event in Fort Myers, Florida, he referred to the “Biden administration” before correcting the phrase and adding as he laughed and crossed himself: “Believe me, that wasn’t a Freudian slip. Oh Lordy day, I tell ya.”

Oh, Lordy day, indeed.  If Biden weren’t a Democrat, the networks and press would be flubbing his name for “Quayle.”