Photo Break: Brown pelicans

Back to birdblogging the marina.  Story behind the photo below the break.

Brown pelicans

Brown pelicans

This was taken at the same Punta Rassa marina in Fort Myers where I took the shot of that row of white pelicans, though the two shots were taken a couple of years apart.  These guys weren’t as discreet as the white pelicans in staking out the fishing boats as they came back with their leftover bait; they sat right on the pier pilings, ready to swarm over the poor boatmen as they came puttering back from the mangroves.

These are youngish brown pelicans, as evidenced by the white cap.  As they age, the white turns into yellow, moving from the bridge of the bill back over the scalp (kind of like a receding hairline).

2 thoughts on “Photo Break: Brown pelicans

  1. Charlie Post author

    Heh! I know what you mean…every brown pelican has those glaring, bright blue eyes, through which (because of that posture) he always seem to be “looking down his nose” at you. Add that to that enormous mouth with the cavernous pouch attached, and you have a waddling caricature of a bird which is more fun to photograph than just about any other.

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