Photo Break: Brown anole

OK, blogging on reptile photos (herpetoblogging?) would be a first on WitSnapper.  Lizards it is, then.  Story behind the photo below the break.

Brown anole; tailless, displaying

Brown anole; tailless, displaying

Back to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, apparently in a bad part of the swamp.  This angry-looking guy is clearly a grizzled veteran, as something unfriendly has hacked his tail down to the stump recently (look closely and you can see the stub where it’s just starting to grow back).  However it happened, it doesn’t look like he’s eager to have it happen again, because he’s doing his best to warn me off by flashing his wattle at me.  “Get off my lawn!”

Florida is crawling with brown and green anoles; on Sanibel I can barely take a step without seeing one darting off for cover out of the corner of my eye.  Good thing they move so fast, too, because I’d hate to have to look for them.  They are very skilled at color-change camouflage.

3 thoughts on “Photo Break: Brown anole

  1. Charlie Post author

    Sigh…I know, one of my great failures as a photoblogger. In all my travels, I haven’t found a single wild animal cuter than Hopie. (NOTE: In fairness, the “wild animal” pool doesn’t include any of my other little relatives, despite my better judgment.) 🙂

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