Oh, man, I hope Rudy ad-libbed that…

…because if he did, it’s the most memorable impromptu line I’ve heard from any politician, Republican or Democrat, in years.

Rudy Giuliani, my former mayor from my former city of residence, was in Ohio Saturday remarking on Sarah Palin’s performance at last week’s debate.  (Link via Hot Air Headlines.)  He said she did a “terrific job,” that she made conservative columnists that had been calling for dumping her (Kathleen Parker, George Will, David Frum) “look like a bunch of jerks” now, and dismissed post-debate snap polls as stacked against Republicans.  That last bullet point drew the following maxim from the Mind of Rudy:

Republicans never win polls, they win elections.

Even if I were the most die-hard, starry-eyed, cult-enraptured Obama voluptuary ever to traipse across the green, green earth, I would still go to my grave wishing I had thought that one up.


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