Photo Break: Great blue heron

Not just birdblogging, but bigbirdblogging.  Story behind the photo below the break.

Great blue heron

Great blue heron

I realize that great blues are known to take elevated perches on occasion, but actually seeing it is a bit jarring after seeing them almost exclusively wading in shallows, standing or walking on the ground, or crouching on a low perch (where the thicker branches and limbs can support their weight).  This goes doubly so when the bird lands right next to you and above, staring down at you like a Grand Inquisitor.

The access road to the lighthouse on Sanibel Island, where this was taken, positively bustles with bird activity, though you’ve really got only two or three morning hours of good photo time.  If the sun had been higher, this guy and the bulk of the others would have been more apt to stay in the shade, and by afternoon this same shot would have been ruinously backlit. 

You can conceivably leave the access road and venture out into the mangroves, but I’m pretty sure you leave yourself open to a hefty fine, and in a more immediate sense open to being eaten alive by everything from merciless insects to waiting alligators.


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