That’s the best they could do?

The McCain campaign has released its first post-debate ad, and it’s surprisingly weak.  With all the inaccuracies coming from Biden last night, some of the ones the McCain camp chose to highlight were not impressive:

OK, the one on Ahmadinejad I can see why they used, but why not his misrepresentation of McCain’s record on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?  People care a lot more about the financial meltdown than clean coal.  Same thing with the phantom health insurance tax that nobody ever proposed.  And that has got to be the worst ending to an ad I’ve ever seen.  “Sighing?”  What was the relevance of the Palin clip on Israel?  And why talk about exaggerating when what Biden is saying is out-and-out wrong, not out of proportion?

I’ll leave aside the question of why you’d talk about exaggerating when you can’t even spell “exaggerate” correctly in the first place.

Captain Ed agrees that the ad falls apart in the end.

Man…and they had so much to work with.  Weak ad.  Very weak ad.

UPDATE: Aaaaah, I see, Captain Ed points out why they included the Israel clip.  Apparently that’s where the alleged “sigh” came in.  Frankly, I thought it was part of the soundtrack, but if that’s a sigh, then they’re really reaching.  But in fairness, I’ll update my assessment:  the ad is even weaker than I thought.

4 thoughts on “That’s the best they could do?

  1. politixican

    Governor Sarah Palin took the bull by the horns (or in this case, she took Biden by the hair-plugs) and won this debate outright with substance and style! She showed America that she is well-versed in a broad array of social and governmental issues, and conveyed her and running mate Senator John McCain’s campaign message honestly and in a fashion relatable to the common American. This was a great moment, and I firmly believe that she has taken one more big step towards a Republican administration come election day (or some time thereafter, given the near certainty that democratic tactics in Ohio and elsewhere will cause electoral pause for reconciliation of an accurate count).

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