VP Debate Afterblogging: Talkin’ heads UPDATE: “Biden’s 14 Lies”

Wow, apparently I was a lot tougher on Sarah Palin than the punditocracy or man-on-the-street interviewees are willing to be.  Talking heads on more than one network are saying that Palin reminded everyone why they were so electrified by her in Dayton and St. Paul.  Her charisma has won (or re-won) a lot of people over.

Fox News’s self-described “resident Palin skeptic” Charles Krauthammer conceded that she did “extremely well,” and not least because she didn’t try to pretend to know things she clearly didn’t.  By the way, it appears I’m not the only one who’s been banging his head against the wall wondering why neither McCain nor Palin will pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Democrats and go to town on their failure with respect to financial regulation.

I’ve surfed FNC, CNN, and MSNBC.  That last is the only one not agape at Palin’s success, and that’s because Olbermann is on (wasn’t he yanked from the campaign beat?).  Even Josh Marshall at the hard-liberal Talking Points Memo says:

“One clear fact about this debate is that Palin didn’t have one of those stammering moments that we’ve seen especially in the Couric interview.”

(For those who don’t regularly read TPM and aren’t familiar with Josh’s general attitude toward all things McCain, Palin, or generally not liberal, that’s soaring praise indeed.)

I’m still giving the debate to Palin on a lukewarm basis, but it appears I’m in the minority, at least on the latter score.

UPDATE: From Ace of Spades, Biden’s 14 Lies from the debate.  Ace says it’s from the McCain campaign, so take it as you will.

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