VP Debate Afterblogging: Focus grouping

Frank Luntz is coming to Fox News live from his focus group headquarters.  Of his group of undecided voters (split evenly between Bush and Kerry voters), nearly everyone thinks Palin came out on top.  They liked her accessibility, her plain speaking, her energy, her surprising ability to hold her own against Biden, and how she “speaks for the people” and personifies “Main Street America.”

Palin’s point (even though it was an aside) about personal responsibility during the “who’s to blame for the economic mess” appears to have gone over very well.  A few people (five or so) say they moved closer to McCain-Palin after tonight in their voting preference.  Luntz concludes that this debate will definitely lead to a noticeable shift in the race.

How often can you say that about a vice-presidential debate?

Instapundit agrees; Allahpundit has more.

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