Election’s over: Obama winning animated vote!

Leaked scenes from an episode of The Simpsons set to premiere the Sunday before Election Day (Full Disclosure: this blogger is a Simpsons addict who loves Homer most of all) give a sign of the significant inroads the Obama campaign is making this year among the coveted Animated-American demographic.

Gamely citing his affinity for “anything that’ll take money away from our parks and libraries,” Homer Simpson steps into the doublewide voting booth and casts a smiling vote for Barack Obama.  He is especially pleased that he’s using one of those newfangled “electronic voting dealies,” though he is less pleased with the results when he tries to cast his vote.  View the video at the link above, or at this one, or embedded below at YouTube (assuming it’s not yanked by a C&D order from Fox):

I gotta admit, I kind of like the jab at Ohio toward the end.  Especially given the current Ohio Secretary of State’s recent efforts to use technicalities to disqualify Republican absentee voters and to stonewall polling observers by barring them from sites where prospective registrants may register and cast an early ballot at the same time (i.e. without background-checking the registration).  Of course, ACORN is doing its shady usual in Ohio as well.

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