Photo Break: Hopie

Still sticking to my “not birdblogging every day” oath, so I’m going with kidblogging now.  (Kind of like an alcoholic saying “oh come on, this is just light beer.”)  Story behind the photo below the break.



This is my new cousin once removed, Hopie.  (Thanx to my cousin Karen for leave to photoblog her daughter!)  Hopie, Karen, and I all met last summer at our Uncle Bob’s house, along with a whole mess of other family members (Bob has four brothers and sisters, counting my mother, all with kids and some with grandkids) for his surprise 60th birthday party, which effectively doubled as Hopie’s “society debut.”

Much chasing around with my camera ensued, with all minors in attendance hamming it up to beat the band.  Being the family archivist comes with its perks.

2 thoughts on “Photo Break: Hopie

  1. Karen

    Can you say heart breaker?? 🙂 Crazy how much she’s changed in just a few months- those blond wisps are now curls- you’ll have to come visit again, Cousin Charlie!

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