Photo Break: American bullfrog

Man, the birdblogging every day is a tough habit to break.  I’ll see if I can wean myself off the junk with a little frogblogging.  Story behind the photo below the break.

American bullfrog

American bullfrog

When you’re trying to photograph wildlife, it helps to have a subject that’s too exhausted to move (but is able to muster the professionalism not to show it in his face).

A while back I was up at my folks’ house during a visit by my two nieces.  One afternoon they decided they wanted to go down to the pool on the property; naturally, being the uncle, I followed with my camera.  We were the first ones down there; when we opened the gate on the pool area (empty except for an exceedingly bored lifeguard), the girls noticed something moving in the deep end.

That something was the little guy in the photo.  He’d jumped into the water at some point and, with nothing to push off of, couldn’t get out again.  The lifeguard, gratified to have something to do, picked up the leaf net and fished him out, tipping him out onto the concrete on the edge of the pool (boosting her success rate that day to an impressive 1 for 1).  Having been kicking non-stop for who-knew-how-long, naturally he needed a breather.  While he took it, I figured he wasn’t too busy to pose.

As an afterword, I should say that I personally prevented the frog from getting himself trapped again.  Yes, he started hopping straight toward the pool again…had to chase him off in the opposite direction.  The lifeguard wasn’t impressed…think maybe she resented my doing her already-boring job for her?

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