The Congress who cried “wolf” UPDATE: Pork and earmarks slashed

“Lawmakers Reach Accord on Huge Financial Rescue”

That’s the banner headline on the Washington Post website.  Looks so happy!  Woohoooo!  Done before the Asian markets open!  No crash on Monday!  Yippee skippee!

My first impression?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  The people trumpeting a “deal” are the same people who were trumpeting a “deal” just after John McCain decided to come back to the Senate to be part of the bailout negotiations.  Except there never had been any deal, and they knew there wouldn’t be by Friday night’s debate; the whole point was to put up a public front of apparent progress in order to make sure things appeared to be in worse shape after McCain left.

That first impression was firmly buttressed when I read the WaPo article.  See why below the break.

The following assessments come from the plan’s biggest cheerleaders; am I supposed to find these encouraging?

“We’ve made great progress, but we have to commit it to paper before we can formally agree,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)…

“We’ve been working on this a long time. We’ve still got more to do to finalize it, but I think we’re there,” [SecTreas Henry] Paulson said. “So far, so good.”

“We have something verbal,” said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL.) (From Politico.)

And of course, my personal favorite:

“It’s really a question of seeing what we believe we’ve agreed to,” said Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT).

(That one really is a classic, isn’t it?  Well, Sen. Dodd, when you finally do “see what you believe,” then get back to me.)  Republicans tended to be a bit more circumspect:

“I’m not sure yet we can sell it to our conference but I’m 100% sure that this is the best deal we could get,” said a Republican aide. (From Politico.)

“I look forward to what we’re going to see on paper and presenting these ideas to my colleagues and getting their reaction,” [House GOP Whip Roy] Blunt said.

Makes sense that Blunt should hail from the Show-Me State of Missouri.  I’m feeling a bit Missourian myself nowadays.  We’ll see if this is just another fake trial balloon floated by a congressional majority too petrified to take ownership of the bailout.

UPDATE: As detailed by Hot Air, many fat slabs of Democrat-inspired pork, including slush-fund payola for voter-fraud convict mill ACORN and racial supremacist hive La Raza, has been excised from the final bill.

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