“And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch…”

Nancy Pelosi is calling Republicans “unpatriotic.

It’s because the Republican bailout negotiators failed to show up to a meeting the Democrats had scheduled yesterday.  So Pelosi called a press conference to tell the world they’re “unpatriotic.”

Except the Republicans never knew about the meeting, because the Democrats — wait for it — forgot to invite them. (Video from MSNBC; meeting commentary starts at 2:05.)  More at Hot Air.

And they tell us McCain is the one losing his grip…

Nor is that the only thing Speaker Pelosi is losing her grip on; her party is slipping away from her as well.  Or so it would seem in light of her announcement that despite the majority she is supposed to lead, she’s failed to muster the votes to pass Congress’s version of Treasury’s bailout bill without the backing of the House Republicans demanding checks on the plan.  Will she be the last to realize how unpopular this bill is as it stands?  She’d better hop to it, seeing that she now demands a plan by tonight.


2 thoughts on ““And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch…”

  1. theNimrod

    Pretty typical. Every step the democrats have taken since this started has been about votes, not what’s popular or right for the American people. As usual, their interest here is making the Republicans look bad. No doubt they will succeed. The Republicans are too busy doing what’s right for the country to play the game.

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