Sarah Palin is SO last week

You know, last week I semi-complained that my blogging, like the day-to-day news, was being overwhelmed by Sarah Palin.  It now appears Joe Biden has finally had it with being relegated to C-SPAN again, and has decided to wrest the news coverage away from Gov. Palin…by any means necessary.

Well…Bravo Zulu, Senator.  Job well done.  You’re now constantly in the news and dominating my blog.  You’re also doing so by repeatedly falling flat on your face.

I actually feel somewhat badly for Sen. Biden.  It’s not pity, it’s genuine sympathy.  Biden has been trying to get himself elected to national office for twenty years, and now he’s closer than he’s ever been in his long life, after repeated bad luck in the national primary process.  Now that he’s finally cleared that hurdle thanks to Barack Obama and Caroline Kennedy, it turns out he’s still a problematic candidate, even in front of a national general-election audience.

I’ll probably have to live two or three more decades before I can imagine what that feels like.

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