Nice job. Really nice job.

Congratulations are due to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama and his campaign.  They’ve managed, as CBS News reports, to turn an anti-Iran rally into an anti-Obama rally.

Politics and diplomacy were not a good mix at Monday’s protest rally against Iran at the United Nations.

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin didn’t participate in the “Stop Iran Now” rally and there were a lot of hard feelings about it.

It was a simple sign that read “We Want Sarah. Shame On The Rally Organizer.”

Howard Webber from Brooklyn held it.

“As important an event as this is, you needed a unity of Democrats and Republicans to show Ahmadinejad that we’re not going to accept a nuclear Iran.”

Buddy Macy of Little Fells, N.J., felt much the same way.

“I’m so disappointed, upset,” Macy said. “She would have brought 10,000-20,000 more supporters of Israel. People who were curious were stopped because of partisan action.”

The brouhaha started after Clinton pulled out after she learned Palin was invited. Three organizations supporting the rally threatened to pull out unless Palin was disinvited. She was but organizers didn’t stop there.

They were furious Monday about the political signs brought by some at the rally, like an anti-Obama sign that said, “Jews Against Obama & Ahmadinejad.”

If Howard Webber’s sign is any indication of general sentiment in the crowd, then the shame is that the organizers are being blamed.  Earlier Democratic maneuvering and blackmail really didn’t give them much choice in the matter.  Gateway Pundit does have a slightly encouraging update:

Iranian activist Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi was at the rally and mentioned that there were several pro-Palin signs in the crowd but that there were not many anti-Obama signs.

It would’ve been pretty difficult to keep the Palin dust-up out of the rally, but at least what there was turned out to be affirmative (pro-Palin) rather than negative (anti-Obama), especially since even though Obama certainly didn’t help matters by stonewalling the organizers in their search for a speaker, Hillary was the one who got the ball rolling in the first place.


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