Google to Apple: Overcharge THIS

Google’s new smartphone, the G1 Android, is being released today.  I’m closer now to buying a smartphone than I’ve ever been, but I’m still probably going to put it off.

The Upside: It’s much cheaper to own than Apple’s iPhone, both for the equipment and for the plan.  It’s got a big ol’ screen, a trackball, and a slide-out keyboard, which I think I might like better than the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.

The Downside: It only works on T-Mobile, which not only isn’t my plan (and I’m perfectly happy with AT&T), but also has a slow data network compared to other carriers.  Not something you’d want in an Internet-capable phone.

Despite it’s low price tag, I think I’ll wait until the Google phone branches out to other providers.  Besides, as I’m sure it pains the makers of the iPhone to recall, it can only get cheaper.

UPDATE: Wired is not impressed.

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