Photo Break: White-breasted nuthatch

Birdblogging:  like regular blogging, only with birds.  Story behind the photo after the break.

White-breasted nuthatch

White-breasted nuthatch

This is another one up near my neck of the woods, rather than in Florida.  As with the white-throated sparrow, this was taken at my folks’ house, at the other bird feeder (obviously during warmer climes).  It can be kind of a pain trying to get a good shot of a tree-clinging bird like a nuthatch.  Nine times out of ten he’s got his back to you as he climbs up and down a tree trunk, and if he’s shifting around to the side where he’s more visible from side-on, you have a split second to get that shot before the bird disappears around the other side of the tree.

This particular one was a little more cooperative, as he was perched on a twisty vine with an irregular surface, and therefore had to sit in such a way that he looked as he does in the photo.  Awfully sporting of him, no?


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