Photo Break: Eastern screech owl

Wonder Twin Powers: Birdblog!  Story behind the photo below the break.

Eastern screech owl

Eastern screech owl

I almost never see owls, for some reason, so this is a particular prize.  One of the caretakers at the place where I stayed in Sanibel saw me walking around with a zoom-lensed camera and asked if I’d seen the owl in one of the trees on the driveway.  I said why no, I hadn’t.  He was kind enough to point out the tree in question, where I found this little guy at roost.  (You can see that, clearly, he viewed me as someone might view, say, a visiting Jehovah’s Witness.  Visiting at, say, three in the morning.)

My joy at finding this screech owl was dampened slightly by the realization that he had taken up residence in a tree hole that had previously been occupied by nesting pileated woodpeckers, another favorite subject of mine.  Ah, well…I doubt anything bad happened to them, as the island is bustling with pileated woodpeckers and they don’t always stay in the same nest from year to year.  I prefer to assume they came into some prime beachfront property, this time with an unobstructed view.

3 thoughts on “Photo Break: Eastern screech owl

  1. Life On The Edges

    He almost looks fake, like a carving. And very very cranky. I wonder if *I* look anything like that when the UPS man comes knocking at noon…

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