Never come between a man and his corn

I love going to the movies.  And I mean theater movies.  Not that I don’t like seeing movies at home, but it just isn’t the same, even with a sweet flat-screen.  I live a three-minute drive away from an AMC Loews multiplex with an IMAX theater, so I’m never at a loss.

One thing I have to do when I go to the movies (and people who’ve gone with me know this) is buy popcorn.  Movie popcorn is in a class by itself.  That doesn’t necessarily make it the best kind, but for me it’s a movie-theater must-have nonetheless.  I don’t remember the last time I went to a movie theater without buying myself a big ol’ bag-o’-corn.

Sometimes, however, the fates conspire against my popcorn jones.  Last night, I went to see Burn After Reading with some friends (great movie…Coen Brothers rule!).  My planning powers, however, took a powder when the date was agreed upon, because I’d forgotten that I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon for a cleaning.  So a couple of hours before the movie, I sat in a chair for an hour or two while a very nice lady stabbed me repeatedly in the gums with a screaming spitting steel hook.

I arrived at the theater in a state of elevated soreness, facing the possibility of my first movie in gawd-knew-how-long without the capacity for consuming popcorn.  I handed over my ticket, walked in, and…

Aw, hell no.  Straight over to the counter, and order a large.  Man up, fertheluvvamike.

(Yum.  Ow.  Yum.  Ow.)

3 thoughts on “Never come between a man and his corn

  1. trixdeviant

    Next time, take a blender with you, and make a popcorn smoothie! Drinking popcorn from a straw in the cinema sounds awesome.
    I agree though. The taste of cinema popcorn just goes hand in hand with the entire shbang.

  2. Dating tips

    Popcorn!!!! True enough that there is really nothing special with popcorn but watching your favorite movie will never be the same without your POPCorn. I dont know but it gives you something that you cant explain while eating that popcorn ans sipping your fave drinks while watching movie. By the way, I love popcorn with just plain salt.

    Too bad you didnt enjoyed your movie/popcorn moment as much as you did before. Anyway, there’s still next time=)

    Nice Post,

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