Broken record

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has posted a thought that has occurred to me too, even at this early stage in the life of WitSnapper:

You know, I’m beginning to feel like Sarah Palin’s taken over my blog… I want to blog about other stuff, but she keeps popping up and taking all the oxygen away from everything else. This is certainly bad news for Obama (with me, she’s taking the oxygen away from stories about nanotechnology or asteroid mining; with Obama, she’s taking the oxygen away from him) but I’m not sure it’s good for McCain over the long term.

No, I don’t suppose it is, though it probably hurts Obama far more than McCain in any term.  She’s really burrowed her way inside Obama’s head, and McCain is enjoying the spectacle of the Obama meltdown too much to let the Palin craze bother him overmuch.

But yeah, Gov. Palin is dominating my blog as she is dominating the news, and heaven knows WitSnapper’s got a lot fewer posts to counterbalance the Palinsanity (there’s that word again) than Instapundit does.

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