Poking my head in

And the inaugural post is born!  Woohoooo!

I’m thrilled to be bringing you (according to existing stats) the approximately 4.1 millionth blog under WordPress’s aegis.  What a relief, too…if I’d waited any longer I might not have beaten the glut.

I’m a graphic designer living in downstate New York.  I’ve lived a previous life as a political analyst, and before that another one as an actor and bartender.  My blog, WitSnapper, and its contents will fall fundamentally under the rubric of “personal,” tho’ I hope to cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Politics: I’ve been a news-and-politics junkie since I was a kid.
  • Pop culture: Yes, I love following the news, and that means a good deal of fluff will filter through.  C’mon, I can’t ignore it all the time!
  • Photography: My Canon DSLR (with its accompanying optics) is a busy little guy, whether pointed at family, kids, pets, or wildlife (photographing that last is a longtime hobby of mine).
  • Gadgetry: Yes, I’m a gadget-freek.  If I get my hands on a wacky new toy, or perhaps pick up a wacky not-so-new one for the first time in a while, you may well hear about it.
  • Language: You’ll find I harbor a weird fascination with the English language’s quirks, its hiccups, its Darwinian tendency to develop area-specific traits and patterns like finches on isolated islands.  Occasionally I’ll note something I read or heard that struck me funny, like the fact that where I live I’ll have a hero sandwich with a soda for lunch, but a quick hop over to the Great Lakes would transform the exact same thing into a “grinder” and “pop”.  Makes lunch taste even better, somehow.
  • History: Goes hand-in-hand with the politics jones.  I get a big kick out of American history, especially presidential history.  My explorations into my own ancestry have uncovered distant blood relations to quite a few U.S. Presidents and First Ladies, which made my eyes go wide.
  • Personal life: The wastebasket term for miscellaneous stuff I run across, or runs across me.  Probably won’t dominate my posts, but on the occasion that an interesting thing happens to me personally, it may come up in conversation.

And with that, we’re live!


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